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Why We Are the Best

Charles Ginn Art Solutions is the most reliable name in Brisbane, Queensland, in terms of art services because of our in-depth knowledge and experience. We leave no stone unturned to make sure that our client gets the solution they are looking for. That is why we offer an extensive range of art services. We have a team of professionals who understand the requirement and budget of the client and provide service accordingly. Whether it is an art exhibition, need curator, looking for some particular art work or want to learn painting, we offer everything.
Being one of the most popular art studios in Brisbane, we take immense pride in organising great and classy art exhibitions for individual artists, museums and art galleries. We also offer the world-class art curating service at the most reliable price. Our in-house curators can help you select and organise the artistic items or work for display. If you are planning for an upcoming art and culture event for your creative work, contact our customer support team. Our company can manage everything to let you host an unforgettable exhibition. We can also decorate the place for your event as well so that you can showcase your work to the art lovers.


We are always committed to providing the best art service. No matter what, we never compromise on the quality.


All our professionals are highly knowledgeable about the arts, and thus we are capable of providing the exact solution.


We are a highly experienced company, and all our professionals, artists, teachers are also seasoned.


No matter which service we offer to our clients, we always offer the service at the best price.



The company was started more than a decade ago, and it was a result of efforts made by two artists and good friends - Albert Charles and Robert Ginn. Initially, the company was started with only a few art students and the service of art commission but gradually, the company impressed their clients and got more business. As a result, the company extends its service range. At the moment, Charles Ginn Art Solutions has more than 100 clients in Brisbane and another part of Queensland. Also, they have more than students learning different types of art. Since inception, we have been working hard because our goal is to become the most renowned art service provider in Brisbane and other major parts of Queensland. Expanding the number of art students and clients all over the country is our mission and that’s why we offer the world-class art services.

  • Encaustic Painting
  • Enamel paintings
  • Tempera paintings
  • Oil Painting
  • Gouache
  • Ink Wash Painting
  • Pastel Painting
  • Acrylic Painting
  • Water Colour Painting
  • Spray Painting
  • Matte painting
  • Texture painting


Our Unmatched Services

We offer an extended range of services to our customers across Brisbane and other parts of Queensland. The services we offer include promotion of young artists, art classes, mentoring, art retreats, art activities for corporate events, commissions, organise exhibitions and art curating. Our professionals make every possible effort to make sure that our clients get the best possible service at a reasonable price. We also take the feedback of our client very serious to further improve our service. What’s more, we are always in-tune with our clients to give them what they want. Therefore, we have the option for personalisation in case a client wants special attention or only wants to focus on workshops.

Our Efficient Team

We are backed by a team of professionals who leave no stone unturned to provide the customised and best result to our clients. Our team consist of artists, art curators, event managers, and many more. Everyone understands their specific role, and that is what makes our team so efficient. No matter what is the role of our professionals, everyone has a great of artwork. They are experienced, highly qualified and experts in their respective genres. We hire each team member carefully and after a complete check of their skills and background. Thus, we have a reliable team of professionals who all love art.

We Stay Updated

The world of art and fashion changes constantly. So, it is important for us to stay updated all the time. Our team always stay alert for the next big thing or the latest trend in the market, and that helps us to stay ahead of our competitors. We constantly make modifications in our service to provide the best service to our valuable clients. We exactly know what to offer and what is outdated. . Art is ever changing because each artist is unique with a different touch and way of presentation. Therefore, we encourage our patrons to always keep experimenting and learning new ways to make and enjoy art.

Our Informative Events

At Charles Ginn Art Solutions, we organise different types of art-related events. Therese events educate people in various ways. Our experienced professionals and artists take charge of these events, and these events help young artists a lot. If you want to know about our upcoming events in detail, visit the event page. You can visit these events or join the workshops by informing us in advance.


Upcoming Events

20th September
Art Basics for Beginners
We are organising an event for beginners, where our experts will discuss the fundamental of arts. It will allow the interested people to get involved in the painting and learn how to start things perfectly. The objective of this workshop is to encourage people to start doing the painting.
26th September
Benefits of an Art Retreat
Charles Ginn Art Solutions is conducting a seminar for the artists who have lost their way somewhere in the middle. In this event, we will talk about the benefits of an art retreat. Other experts will explain how our art retreat can reinvigorate the creative spark in them. The event is for artists who are diverted in their day-to-day life.
29th September
Art Exhibition
At this event, our experts will talk about the art exhibition. People who are interested in displaying their artwork and other art forms in the exhibition will know how to take the initiative. There are different steps in the exhibition, and you will get a chance to know everything in detail.

of Art Students


Achievement in Numbers

At the moment, Charles Ginn Art Solutions have more than 100 clients across Brisbane and other parts of Queensland like the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and so on. Moreover, we provide art classes to more than 600 students. These students are from various parts of the country and take classes online as well as offline.

Our Departments


They get in touch with various museums and other similar places in QLD and help them in choosing, organising and displaying artwork.

Event Managers

The professionals take care of the supply of the artwork for corporate events and organise exhibitions.


We also have experienced and talented artists who help students in bulk to improve their painting. We also provide online training sessions that will stream directly to your smartphone or laptop. We assist young talents, polish their skills, and guide them so that they can establish a great career in the Art Industry.


Our mentors help individuals to help them in improving their skills and also motivate and encourage them to stay on the right track. They provide much-needed counselling, professional advice and motivation to let students achieve their targeted goals. Art mentors take the responsibility from the front and build confidence and lay a strong foundation.



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